We all know how important it is for humans to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. How much sleep do your pets need and why is sleep important?

1. Sleep is very therapeutic, and if you deny dogs that, they’ll kind of lose it. All day long, electrical activity is happening in our brain, and random, disorganised data gets stored in various places. We organise that in our sleep, and dogs do, too.

2. Sleep helps a dog’s brain development, memory, and learning capacity, as well as their immune system. Sleep-deprived animals are more prone to infections.

3. Increasing the amount of physical activity and mental stimulation a dog gets during the day will help many dogs sleep at night.

4. If your dog seems grumpy, forgetful, disoriented, or has difficulty concentrating or performing his usual tasks, sleep deprivation is one possible diagnosis

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    Anti-Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

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    • Soft fur mimics a mother's warmth
    • Raised edges provide your pet with a sense of security
    • Easy to clean as it it machine washable
    • Made of breathable, super soft cotton

    Anti-Anxiety Calming Pet Bed - Dog Chews Store