Although summer time always flies by, here are some top tips on how to keep your pets cool during the hot summer months: 

1. Keep your dog's fur short and well groomed. While it is currently difficult to visit a groomer, grooming your pet at home can be quick and easy with the right tools

2. If your pet currently wears a warm and furry harness, replace it with a harness which is less obstructive and allows the wind to flow through your pet's coat and underbelly

3. Swap out your warm and fluffy pet bed for a summer cooling bed or get some cooling gel mats to lay on your pet's bed

4. Get some treat toys which you can stuff with goodies and freeze. Your pet will love licking the frozen toy while trying to dig out the goodies

    Our Top Pet Product Recommendations for Summer 2020

    Ultimate Pet Travel Water Bottle

    • Convenient water bowl allows you to easily fill water for your dog to drink on the go
    • No water waste as any left over water can simply flow back into the bottle once your dog is finished drinking
    • Secure lock ensures that water will not spill when in your bag
    • Easy push button allows you to fill water or empty the water bowl
    • Eco friendly, safe and non-toxic material

    Ultimate Pet Travel Water Bottle - Dog Chews Store

    Electric USB Pet Grooming Clipper

    • 5 adjustable modes for trimming varying lengths (0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2mm)
    • 4 clip on combs for safely clipping different lengths (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
    • Cordless trimming makes it effortless and comfortable
    • Washable cutter head prevents bacterial growth
    • Low noise design ensures your pet will be calm and comfortable
    • Easy charging with USB cable

    Electric USB Pet Grooming Clipper - Dog Chews Store

    Professional Dog Grooming Set (4pcs)

    • 4 piece stainless steel set with carrying case
    • Curved scissors to ensure the safety of your pet when grooming in sensitive areas
    • Flat scissors for quick and easy grooming of main areas
    • Thinning scissors to finish off your grooming or to clean up in between of grooming sessions
    • Comb to remove knots and brush out any loose fur

    Professional Dog Grooming Set (4pcs) - Dog Chews Store