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Top Tips for Happy Pet Grooming

Keeping your pet neatly groomed throughout the year doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Here are some top tips on how to groom your pets yourself at home:

  1. Frequently brush your pet's coat. Keeping your pet's fur brushed will help to remove dirt, dead hair, and bad odours. It will also keep your pet's coat shiny and will prevent matting. If you plan to trim your pet's fur yourself, keeping their coat well brushed will make the trimming/cutting experience nice and smooth.

  2. Trim your pet's nails. This can be difficult to do but is highly necessary as long nails can be uncomfortable and unhygienic for your pet. Just remember to avoid cutting the dark part inside the nail (called the 'quick) as this is the blood supply to your pet's nails.

  3. Brush your pet's teeth. Ideally you should brush your pet's teeth daily, but 2-3 times a week is the recommended minimum. Be sure to use only pet friendly toothpaste. 

  4. Keep their fur short, especially in the summer months. Depending on your pet's coat, either use a trimmer or grooming scissors to keep their coat neat and short. Get some treat toys which you can stuff with goodies and freeze to keep your pet distracted during the grooming experience.

  5. Keep your pet distracted. While cutting or trimming your pet's fur, it will make the experience significantly easier if your pet is enjoying it. The best way to ensure your pet feels rewarded or distracted through the process is to keep them distracted with their favourite treats or toys. Try applying some peanut butter on the tiles or freezing some treats in your pet's toy to keep them occupied you groom them.

Our Top Pet Product Recommendations for Summer 2020

Electric USB Pet Grooming Clipper

  • 5 adjustable modes for trimming varying lengths (0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2mm)
  • 4 clip on combs for safely clipping different lengths (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
  • USB rechargeable cordless trimming makes it effortless and comfortable
  • Washable cutter prevents bacterial growth
  • Low noise design ensures your pet will be calm and comfortable

Electric USB Pet Grooming Clipper - Dog Chews Store

Professional Dog Grooming Set

  • 4 piece stainless steel set with carrying case
  • Curved scissors to ensure the safety of your pet when grooming in sensitive areas
  • Flat scissors for quick and easy grooming of main areas
  • Thinning scissors to finish off your grooming or to clean up in between of grooming sessions
  • Comb to remove knots and brush out any loose fur

Professional Dog Grooming Set - Dog Chews Store

Safety First Electric Dog Nail Trimmer

  • Multiple fittings to easily trim desired nail lengths
  • Safety cover to prevent trimming too much
  • Easy to recharge with USB cable
  • High speed motor to ensure smooth and comfortable trimming

Safety First Electric Dog Nail Trimmer - Dog Chews Store

Safety First Dog Nail Clipper

  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Safety feature to prevent clipping too much
  • Strong spring for quick and seamless clipping
  • Comfortable grip to ensure safe clipping

Safety First Dog Nail Clipper - Dog Chews Store

Teeth Cleaning Ring Pet Dog Chew Toy

  • The is highly durable, allowing your dog to comfortably grip the ring while cleaning their teeth at the same time
  • Chewing provides mental stimulation and endless entertainment which helps reduce destructive behaviour and separation anxiety
  • The smart and safe design of the toy allows your dog to play unsupervised
  • Made of a durable and non-toxic and water resistant rubber material

Teeth Cleaning Ring Pet Dog Chew Toy - Dog Chews Store

Ultimate Dog Toothbrush

  • Allows your dog to brush their own teeth
  • Prevents dental issues and promote oral hygiene
  • Attractive colours and design makes teeth cleaning fun for your dog
  • Durable and non-toxic rubber material strong enough to withstand a powerful bite
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply fill the toothbrush with dog toothpaste and let your dog chew on it

Ultimate Dog Toothbrush - Dog Chews Store